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    Domestic Air Conditioning

    Installing an air conditioning unit at a domestic level offers a range of benefits and requires as little space as a traditional household radiator.

    Effective Domestic Air Con Solutions

    At Hollybrook Air Conditioning, we excel as leaders in the Domestic Air Conditioning sector. With our extensive experience in the field, we possess the knowledge to identify products and solutions that align with your budget and requirements.

    We understand that choosing the right air conditioning unit can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why our team of friendly and professional engineers will closely collaborate with you. Together, we will design, source, and install the most suitable air conditioning unit for your specific circumstances. We offer a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing air conditioning options, making it effortless to select a unit that complements your home’s individual style.

    Domestic Air Conditioning Benefits

    Installing an air conditioning unit at a domestic level offers a range of benefits and requires as little space as a traditional household radiator.

    Benefits an air conditioning unit can offer your home:

    Complete control

    The ability to cool or heat your room to your desired temperature at just the touch of a button

    Quiet mode

    A domestic air conditioning install produces little to no noise, a stark contrast to the portable alternative


    Sub-Zero can source a range of bespoke units, selected to complement your individual interior

    Allergy relief

    Sub-Zero are able to source units that possess allergy relief options, leaving your air purified

    Ease of use

    Air conditioning units are remarkably easy to use; you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick things up!


    The majority of customers are left stunned at just how affordable installation of a domestic air conditioning unit can be

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    Domestic Installation
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    Air Conditioning Maintenance
    Our maintenance & repair prices start from £85

    Wall-mounted domestic air conditioning

    Wall-mounted air conditioning units have become increasingly popular among homeowners seeking efficient cooling solutions. The appeal of these units stems from two key factors. Firstly, they are highly cost-effective, catering to a wide range of budgets and making them an accessible choice for many. Secondly, the installation process is typically hassle-free and straightforward, requiring minimal to no construction work or renovations.

    In addition to their affordability and easy installation, wall-mounted units excel in minimizing noise pollution. This design feature is particularly advantageous for residential settings, ensuring a serene and peaceful environment. Sub-Zero specializes in providing low wall-mounted units that are strategically positioned closer to the ground, akin to radiators. These units are especially suitable for spaces like conservatories, where wall heights are lower compared to other areas of the house.

    Ducted domestic air conditioning

    Ducted air conditioning units are typically the most expensive solution, this is mostly due to their visually satisfying nature. As a domestic air conditioning solution, ducted units possess the visual advantage, the ductwork and units are strategically concealed within a false ceiling or loft space, leaving only a grill visible to the naked eye.

    In contrast to the simple installation associated with a wall-mounted unit, ducted units require a large amount of reconstruction and disturbance to the home, in order to achieve their visually pleasing end result.

    Installed Domestic Air Conditioning vs. Portable units

    If you are considering a portable air conditioning unit as a cooling solution for your home, there are several advantages to keep in mind. These units offer the flexibility to be moved from room to room, providing cooling wherever it is needed. Additionally, they do not require any complex installation, making them a cost-effective option.

    However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks associated with portable units. One significant drawback is the increased noise they produce compared to permanently installed units. This level of noise can be somewhat bothersome in a residential environment.

    Another consideration is that portable units may require the use of a window for heat exhaust and ventilation. This can lead to unwanted outdoor noise entering the home, disrupting the peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, keeping a window open for ventilation poses a security risk as it compromises the home’s defenses, making it more vulnerable to potential intruders.

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